Aspiring Frontend Developer

Hi, I'm Byron Lee Tinker.

I'm a hardworking student who always works to the best of my ability. I tend to struggle to learn new concepts initially but once I'm comfortable with the topics, I'm able to ace whatever test is thrown my way. I’m a good communicator and team player and will persist to help my team achieve whatever goal is set for them.

Passion for Coding.

My passion for coding started because I was always the family tech guy, who would help when someone needed assistance with their cellphones or the television and with that my passion for technology grew and I was able to gain confidence from it.

Hobbies and Passions.

Dancing and listening to music.
Any kind of sport but particularly enjoy swimming.
Computer Gaming.
Listening to podcast especially murder mysteries and conspiracy theories.
Working on designs for websites.
Outdoor activities in particular hiking and traveling in the wilderness as nature is one of my many passions.
Helping the less fortunate.